Finland's National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) has proposed 15 measures to prevent youth and gang-related crime. The party's chairman, Petteri Orpo, and vice-chairman, Antti Häkkänen, say that Finland needs to wake up to the reality that violence committed by minors and even children is on the rise and has become more brutal. The party is calling for stricter punishments for crimes, increased resources and powers for law enforcement agencies, and measures to prevent youth from becoming marginalized.

The party also wants to reform Finland's integration policies. Kokoomus has been warning about the rise of gang-related crime for some time and has proposed measures to combat it. The party says that gang activity is increasing in Finland and becoming more violent, with innocent bystanders at risk. The party believes that traditional organized crime is also becoming more international and tougher. The party wants to raise the number of police officers in Finland to 8,000 and confiscate criminal profits.

Kokoomus also wants tougher sentences for gun-related crimes and gang-related offenses. The party believes that Finland must take responsibility for the problem, and everyone must do their part. Kokoomus wants to promote a shift in values so that the use of violence is no longer seen as a good way to progress in life. The party believes that the entire society, starting with families, must participate in creating a new mindset.