Trump and Niinistö at the press conference on Wednesday (Image Credit: Lehtikuva)


TRUMP'S PRESS CONFERENCE WITH PRESIDENT NIINISTÖ on Wednesday evening sparked a number of commentaries, with much of the session consisting of Trump railing against the US Democratic Party, who launched impeachment proceedings against him last week. However, what happened during Trump and Niinisto's meeting prior to the press conference is also sparking speculation.

Prior to the presser, which took place in the White House, Trump and Niinistö held a private meeting, during which they supposedly covered a number of geopolitical topics. However, some on social media have pointed out that it seems that Trump may have spent the entire session tweeting about domestic strife back home, rather than talking with the Finnish president. 

In the two hours leading up to the press conference, when Trump and Niinistö were meeting, Trump sent out a total of 10 tweets. The Tweets were entirely focused on the impeachment proceedings, featuring several expletive-laden comments in which he accused Democratic leaders and the US press of treachery, incompetence, and "wasting everyone's time and energy on BULLSHIT". 

You can see some of the tweets below.