The Finns Party Youth’s Twitter profile on 24 May 2019. The Ministry of Education and Culture believes it is possible to cancel the 115,000 euros in state aid granted to the youth organisation for 2019. (Lehtikuva)

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THE FINNISH Ministry of Education and Culture has concluded that it is possible to suspend and claw back state aid from the Finns Party Youth, the youth wing of the Finns Party.

The Finns Party Youth has been granted a total of 115,000 euros in state aid for this year by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The first half of the aid was disbursed earlier this year, while the second half is scheduled for disbursement later this year.

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The Ministry of Education and Culture told Uusi Suomi last week it is considering suspending the state aid on grounds of a controversial tweet made by a spokesperson for the Finns Party Youth, urging people to vote for the Finns Party. The youth organisation issued an apology for and deleted the tweet on Thursday.

Uusi Suomi has obtained a copy of a letter issued to the Finns Party Youth by the Ministry of Education and Culture on Friday.

“The urging described above violates the goals and premises laid down in section two of the youth act. The conflict is evident especially in regards to the goals and premises of equality, non-discrimination, cultural diversity and internationalisation,” the statement reads.

The Finns Party Youth will have the opportunity to respond to the letter by 10 June.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Source: Uusi Suomi