Support for Jussi Halla-aho’s Finns Party has spiked in the wake of the parliamentary elections held in Finland in mid-April, shows a poll by Alma Media. (Markku Ulander – Lehtikuva)

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POPULAR SUPPORT for the Finns Party has spiked in the wake of the parliamentary elections held in Finland on 14 April.

Alma Media on Thursday reported that almost a fifth (19.2%) of respondents to its latest poll expressed their support for the opposition-bound, right-wing populist party, signalling a rise of 1.7 percentage points from the elections and 5.8 percentage points from its final poll before the elections.

The National Coalition has managed to gain popularity after the elections, with 17.9 per cent of respondents expressing their support for it now instead of 17.0 per cent of voters in the elections.

Support for the Social Democratic Party has contrastively fallen from 17.7 to 16.4 per cent since the elections. The Centre, similarly, has seen its popularity dwindle in the first month after the elections and is polling at 13.4 per cent.

The Green League, Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party – the other three parties involved in the coalition formation negotiations – have registered up-ticks in popular support since the elections, the first climbing from 11.5 to 12.1 per cent, the second from 8.2 to 9.4 per cent and the third from 4.5 to 4.7 per cent.

A total of 1,508 people were interviewed for the poll between 3 and 14 May by Tietoykkönen. Over four-fifths (85%) of respondents were able and willing to reveal their party of choice.

The Finns Party has emerged as the most supported party in the country after the elections also according to a poll by Helsingin Sanomat.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Source: Uusi Suomi