Chairpersons Antti Rinne (SDP) and Petteri Orpo (NCP) shook hands before what turned out to be a lengthy meeting in the Parliament House in Helsinki on Monday, 6 May. (Martti Kainulainen – Lehtikuva)


ANTTI RINNE, the chairperson of the Social Democrats, has reiterated his confidence that a decision on which parties to invite to the coalition formation negotiations can be made on Tuesday.

The Social Democrats and National Coalition continued their preliminary bilateral talks well into yesterday evening, representing a considerable change from the roughly one-hour talks between other parties and the Social Democrats.

“We still have quite a lot of things to go through with the National Coalition,” commented Rinne. “I believe we’ll continue our parley this evening to make sure we’ve weighed up all the options carefully. After that we’ll be able to make decisions. I still think that tomorrow will be the day when we’ll announce which parties will try and find a solution at the Government Palace.”

Rinne also underlined that there are no specific bones of contention between the two parties but admitted that it had been easier to establish an understanding on how to proceed with some other parties.

“With the National Coalition, we’re trying to find out the extent to which our objectives are the same,” he said.

The Social Democrats and National Coalition are not believed to see eye-to-eye on especially economic policy, but have adopted a relatively similar position on the family leave and social security reforms.

The Social Democrats began its bilateral talks with other parties on Sunday, 5 May.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Source: Uusi Suomi