From the Finnish press

Timing is important in the consumption of coffee.“DO you start a meeting or other difficult task with a coffee cup in your hand? A new research indicates that memory improves when drinking coffee correctly. The amount of coffee makes no difference. Rather, timing is of the essence.

If a work meeting includes food and drinks, the coffee should be offered only after matters have been dealt with, especially if the meeting concerns lots of matters that should be kept in mind. It has been discovered that a dose of caffeine right after learning improves long-term memory.

The new study was reported by Nature Neuroscience, and results are published in Psyblog.

The effects of caffeine on memory were studied at John Hopkins University in Maryland.

Partakers of the study did not use caffeine products on a regular basis. The participants were shown a series of images. After the study some were given a caffeine pill that corresponded to a cup of medium-strength coffee, while others were given a placebo pill.

The next day, the participants were shown the same series of images again, this time with slight changes. Those who had taken the caffeine pill did better in the test than those who were given placebo.

‘The effect of caffeine would not have been evident, if we had used a traditional memory test and similar images. The use of these images calls for more complex differentiation by the brain, which we call a differentiation of patterns. It seems that caffeine accelerates the process,’ researcher Michael Yassa says.

In a traditional memory test, participants are asked to recall whether they have seen the image in question before. Researchers also used stronger caffeine pills, but they did not affect long-term memory.”