CAP's driving simulator is taken for a spin by Regional Manager Markus Vanhala.


Getting a driving licence in Finland requires attending an officially recognised school, but the problem for immigrants is that almost all driving schools teach in Finnish. CAP is a welcome exception.

CAP is Finland’s largest driving school. Providing five-star training to companies, individuals and the Finnish Defence Forces since 2005, the company’s wide range of courses cater to international students and learners of all abilities. Whether pupils are getting to grips with a scooter, a heavy truck or something in between, CAP is sure to have the ideal course for you in one of its 70+ nationwide locations.

CAP’s most popular programme is the driving licence course for regular cars. “Our main course is split into three stages,” states Markus Vanhala, Regional Manager at CAP. “Firstly, there’s the Car Basic stage. This phase offers everything a new driver needs, from learning about traffic safety and the essential rules of the road, to motorway and night training.” An alternative course, Car Basics 2.0, can also be taken in place of Car Basics. This option allows learners to carry out half of their training on a unique driving simulator.

“The Training stage comes next,” continues Markus. “This includes one theory lesson and two hours of driving training, which allows us to assess if the driver has any ongoing issues. Lastly, there’s the Advanced course, which lasts about a day and is taken within two years of drivers passing their test. Trainees that pass this final stage will walk away with a 15-year driving licence.”

Customers that wish to drive another vehicle, such as a moped, motorcycle or truck, can also enrol with CAP and work towards gaining their driving licence. Alternative courses are available as well, in addition to separate driving lessons for those who wish to receive individual coaching.

A green future

Since CAP was founded by Managing Director Pekka Kari in 2005, it has always moved forwards in order to remain at the forefront of industry innovation. Beginning as a driving trainer for transport firms, CAP has expanded its range of courses to the point that they are now coaching the instructors themselves.

The use of online theory and driving simulators has also proved to be very influential, while CAP’s services for international customers are second to none. “Lately we have enhanced our foreign language services a lot,” says Markus. “Three of our 70+ branches – Espoo centre, Hämeentie and Malmi international – are specialised in serving non-Finnish students. We are currently offering Swedish language courses as well.”

While CAP has certainly made its presence felt in driving school trends, the company has also been reducing its own carbon footprint. “When it comes to teaching, we often use simulators to replace driving in city traffic,” explains Markus. “Lessons with a simulator cause almost no emissions. Overall, our simulator-based training has corresponded to around 1,500,000 km of road driving. This means we have directly reduced carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 300,000 kg!”

So, what does the future hold for CAP? “We want to be the largest driver training company in northern Europe,” declares Markus. “We see the upcoming reform of the driver’s licence law as a positive business opportunity, as it gives us the space to tailor-make services to meet the needs of our customers. Ultimately, we want to continue growing and guiding the developments of the driver training industry.”

Dan Anderson – HT