From the Finnish press

According to a poll, a clear majority of Finns think the current amount of regulations is excessive.

A dominant 74 per cent of Finns estimate that Finland has too many restrictive rules, orders and instructions, reveals a poll by Kunnallisalan kehittämissäätiö (The Foundation for Municipal Development) KAKS. Furthermore, 78 per cent estimate that too many things are regulated too meticulously. With regards to the functioning of the society, the amount of regulations was seen as adequate by only 18 per cent of respondents.

Only one per cent of respondents said that there are not enough regulations. On the other hand, 42 per cent of respondents thought that societal rules were adequate with regards to their personal lives.

Of respondents, 47 per cent estimated, however, that different rules, orders and instructions restrict an individual's personal life too much. Specifically supporters of the Finns Party and the Centre Party saw the rules as too restrictive.

According to KAKS, a majority saw restrictions as excessive with regards to making a livelihood as well as in building and renovating. Half of the respondents estimated that the regulations on production and selling of alcohol as well as on opening times of shops and restaurants are also too restricted. The regulations on banking operations, consumer protection and nature conservation were, instead, seen as adequate.

According to KAKS, tighter restrictions were not wanted with anything. Supporters of the Coalition Party were specifically opposed to increasing restrictions.

The study was carried out by TNS Gallup in December 2014. Just over a thousand interviews were made.