From the Finnish press

A guest at Yle's TV programme Ykkösaamu, the Minister of Development and Corporate Governance Sirpa Paatero (SDP) said additional cuts planned by the Committee of State Finance were unbelievable. The budget report on 12 December published by the Committee of State Finance proposed cuts from the development cooperation funds amounting to three million euros. The savings would be used for improving the representation network of the ministry for foreign affairs.

"In my opinion, the idea is completely incomprehensible," said Paatero.

According to her, the three million euros may be taken out of humanitarian work funds.

"We have long-term ongoing projects, which we have committed ourselves to for several years ahead. It is possible that the three million euros must be taken from the humanitarian field, from acute ongoing crisis," Paatero frets.

As an example, she mentions the Anti-Ebola work in West Africa, which might be affected by the cuts.

The minister said receiving the notice of the upcoming additional cuts was a complete surprise. Last spring, during a meeting on spending limits, the government already decided to cut 50-100 million euros annually from funds towards humanitarian work between 2015-2018.