From the Finnish press

"Finland's positive decision regarding Fennovoima's nuclear power station has been received with delight in Russia. In many mediums the decision has been interpreted as Finland's willingness to co-operate with Russia in spite of sanctions.

"This is the first instance where the parliament of a member of the EU supported a vast investment project with Russia since the West set the sanctions," RIA Novosti writes.

"Finland's politics are quite rational. The general way of thinking is that despite the sanctions, Russia remains our neighbour," estimates Paul Kanev from the Moscow State University, interviewed by RIA Novosti.

"Despite the sanctions against Russia, Finland's officials have shown strength in character and made an important and nationally essential decision about cooperation with Russia," Rossiiskaja Gazeta writes, and adds that the scheme will create hundreds of jobs for Finns.

Rosatom is also happy about the decision.

"Rosatom Overseas is delighted over the solution made by the Finnish parliament. We are planning on operating with Fennovoima on this construction project of nuclear power according to the planned schedule, perfectly in accordance with the Finnish law, statutes and requirements," stated the representative of Rosatom Roman Dukajev to press agency Tass.

Vsglad newspaper reminisces how in October, Prime Minister Alexander Stubb accused those objecting to the nuclear power station of russophobia.

"According to Stubb, Fennovoima's co-operation with Rosatom in the nuclear power station scheme is too important to be muddled with sanction politics," the newspaper writes."