The scene of the shooting is surrounded by apartments, shops and restaurants.Motive for the incident remains unclear.

FIVE PEOPLE were injured after multiple shots were fired at the Malminkartano square and its immediate vicinity in Helsinki in the wee hours of Saturday. The police have apprehended several people as part of their effort try to determine the motive for the incident and the events that preceded it.

The five people injured are being treated at the Töölö Hospital in Helsinki, where investigative officers have interviewed them briefly. Officers have also been deployed to the hospital to ensure that the people involved in the incident do not get in contact with one another.

“We have to ensure that no further damage is caused. This is standard procedure,” inspector Jari Koski underlines.

The injured people were taken to the Meilahti Hospital from the crime scene but have since been transferred to the Töölö hospital for reasons unknown to Koski.

Several police patrols and rescue units were dispatched to the scene of the shooting after the emergency call centre received a call about the incident at approximately 1 am. Upon their arrival, police officers discovered five people with various gunshot wounds across their bodies. The police remain uncertain whether the injured people were also somehow involved in the shooting.

In addition, the police have arrested several people across the Helsinki region in relation to the incident and are currently looking into their possible involvement in the incident. Some of the people arrested are known offenders.

“They have not been particularly co-operative, so this may take a while,” reveals Koski.

Also several firearms have been confiscated, although the police have yet to determine exactly how many were used in the incident.

Before the shooting, the people injured and arrested had apparently gathered in a pub by the Malminkartano square. “It's thus possible that they were intoxicated, but we've yet to confirm that,” says Koski.

The events at the crime scene, the police say, were very chaotic – a fact that has hampered the attempts to determine the course of events. “It was quite a fracas,” Koski says.

“We must still determine what has happened and why.”

 The police are investigating the incident as attempted manslaughter, imperilment and firearm offence.

Elina Väntönen – HS
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Photo: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva