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Educated internationals face challenges in settling to Helsinki region.

EXPAT-PROJECT, a coalition of ten public authorities and organisations from Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia, launched on 28 February an online service aimed at improving the settlement of educated expats in the Baltic region. The platform offers useful guidelines for settling in and easier access to public services and social networking activities, and is also open for participatory development.

“Helsinki region expects an increase of half a million in the foreign-born population by 2030. We need to think how our public services and resources should be dedicated to facilitate the settlement and integration of newcomers, so that Finland will benefit from the brain gain and internationals will live here happily,” says Christine Chang, Project Manager of Expat-project from the Uusimaa Regional Council .

For this project, 771 expats from the aforementioned countries were interviewed, of which 153 live in the Helsinki region. Respondents from the Finnish capital showed greater discontent compared to their peers from other Baltic localities. Educated internationals living in Helsinki were mainly unhappy due to difficulties in social connections to the local communities and public services.