A man from the Åland Islands is suspected of an international receiving stolen property offence, Helsingin Sanomat reports. According to the Finnish Customs, the man is believed to have sold electronic appliances, obtained from several regions in Europe through credit card fraud, on the Finnish online auction The appliances, which include systems cameras and computers, were shipped to the man chiefly through Sweden via a number of intermediaries. The customs estimate that the total value of the stolen property sold on the online auction between 2008 and 2010 exceeds 400,000 euro. “Appliances worth roughly 50,000 euro were seized, while three firearms smuggled from the United States were discovered during the house search,” reveals the head of Finnish Customs’ anti-crime unit, Petri Lounatmaa. Customs’ preliminary investigation finds that the profits were transferred to a still unknown third party via online money transfer services. In addition to the main suspect, four people close to him are suspected of aiding and abetting in aggravated tax fraud and receiving stolen property.