Pedestrians in rainy Porvoo on 3 July 2024. Balmy weather is expected to make a comeback in Finland, with a small high-pressure front forming over the country clearing the skies and pushing up temperatures at least in southern parts of the country as of Wednesday. (Roni Rekomaa – Lehtikuva)


TEMPERATURES in Finland are expected to start climbing midway into the week, possibly hitting 25°C.

On Wednesday, a small high-pressure system is expected to develop over the country, clearing the clouds and pushing up temperatures at least in southern parts of the country. Scattered showers remain a possibility, though.

“We’ll generally get well over 20 degrees. It’ll be touch and go as far as the 25-degree mark, but we’ll definitely get close to it at least in the southernmost region of the country,” Sara Salonen, a meteorologist at Foreca, stated to Helsingin Sanomat on Monday.

The mercury could hit 25°C in southern areas also on Thursday. The day will be clear particularly in eastern parts of the country, but as the day progresses a rainy front arriving from the west could dampen the mood in northern and, in the evening, western parts of Finland.

The forecast for next weekend remains uncertain, but it appears that the weather type will not change dramatically.

“The most recent forecast shows that the weather could still get warmer, which could push the mercury above 20 degrees also in the north. In the south, temperatures could stay above 25 degrees,” said Salonen.

Scattered showers are also a possibility over the weekend.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT