A self-check station measuring the blood pressure of a woman. The City of Helsinki says it is eager to expand the use of self-check stations at its health care centres to enable customers to perform a range of tests, from body weight to blood pressure and basic electrocardiogram, before the appointment. (Katariina Kuronen – City of Helsinki)


THE CITY OF HELSINKI on Monday revealed that it is eager to expand the use of self-check stations at health care centres, citing positive feedback from both customers and medical professionals.

The city has installed self-check stations at its health and well-being centres in Kalasatama and Vuosaari, allowing customers to carry out pre-determined health checks – measure their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, weight and body composition – before their appointment.

The station can also perform a basic electrocardiogram (ECG).

The self-check stations perform the measurements in roughly five minutes, providing the customer with a print-out of the results that is presented to health care professionals at the start of the appointment.

“The trials of the new self-check stations have been a success,” said Timo Lukkarinen, the medical director in charge of health stations at the City of Helsinki.

Lukkarinen added that both customers and health care professionals have been generally satisfied with the self-check stations. Customers, he revealed, have reported that the stations are easy to use and that they would welcome the opportunity to take the measurements also at other public locations, such as libraries and pharmacies.

Nurses and physicians have pointed to the time-management benefits arising from the fact that the test results are available from the start of the appointment.

The City of Helsinki has also pointed to the ability of health care professionals to focus more on their patients and cases where the self-checks have revealed risks that require urgent assessment, such as arrhythmia or extremely high blood pressure.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT