A recent report by the European Commission has reaffirmed Finland's top position in digital public services within the European Union. The annual State of the Digital Decade report highlights Finland's comprehensive digital skills and the high level of digitalisation in small and medium-sized businesses as key strengths.

Finland's strong social trust and widespread digital competence are pivotal in driving the digital transition.

The report notes that 82% of Finns possess basic digital skills, significantly above the EU average of 55.6%. Despite this, the report emphasizes the need for continued efforts to ensure a steady supply of ICT specialists in the future.

The Commission commends Finland for its robust contribution to the EU's digital decade objectives, which include promoting competitiveness, resilience, sovereignty, European values, and climate action. In 2023, Finland made notable strides in deploying fixed one-gigabit broadband connections, although nationwide network coverage remains a challenge.

Excellence in Digital Public Services

Finland maintains its top ranking in digital public services for both citizens and businesses within the EU. However, the report suggests there is still potential to enhance e-health services and ensure the highest possible access to all digital public services.

Aligning National Goals with EU Objectives

The EU Digital Decade 2030 program requires Member States to develop national roadmaps for digitalisation. Finland's recently published country report is based on an analysis by the Commission and a roadmap submitted by Finland in December. This roadmap, derived from Finland's national digital compass, aligns with the EU's 2030 objectives.

Finland's national digital compass sets ambitious goals and significant investments to achieve the digital decade targets. It outlines objectives in four areas: skills, digital public services, business digitalisation, and digital infrastructure. This tool aims to simplify people's lives and support business operations through digitalisation.

Advancing the European Digital Identity Wallet

The report urges Member States to prioritize the development of the European digital identity wallet. In Finland, the Ministry of Finance launched a project in spring 2024 to develop a national wallet solution. Finland is also participating in several EU cross-border wallet trials.

An amended EU regulation mandates that Member States provide a digital wallet meeting specific requirements by 2026. Finland's active involvement in this initiative underscores its commitment to advancing digital identity solutions in line with EU goals.

As Finland continues to lead in digital public services and infrastructure, it sets a benchmark for other EU countries in the digital transformation journey.