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The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) is set to introduce an automated post-decision monitoring system for specialists' residence permits starting today. This initiative aims to ensure that holders of these permits continue to meet the necessary requirements throughout their stay in Finland. The new system will apply to all residence permits for specialists issued on or after January 1, 2023.

A residence permit for a specialist is granted to individuals who come to Finland to perform expert duties requiring specialized skills, provided they meet all specified criteria.

The automated monitoring will focus on key permit requirements, including verifying that the specialist receives a salary that meets the stipulated income threshold.

"Automation enhances the efficiency of issuing residence permits for specialists and improves our ability to detect any misuse. This post-decision monitoring will provide valuable data that we can use to further streamline the permit processing system," said Pauliina Helminen, Director of the Permit and Citizenship Department at Migri.

Migri has been conducting post-decision monitoring since 2017, with automated systems already in place for monitoring student and startup entrepreneur permits. The extension of this automated system to include work-based residence permits is part of the Finnish Government’s broader strategy to combat labor exploitation.

By implementing this new automated system, Migri aims to uphold the integrity of the residence permit process while ensuring that specialists who contribute to Finland’s economy continue to meet all legal requirements.