Runway 3 at Helsinki Airport. Photo: Finavia Corp


Finavia has announced the successful completion of the renovation of runway 3 at Helsinki Airport, which commenced in April 2024. The runway will return to normal operation today, marking the end of a carefully planned and executed maintenance period.

"We have completed the renovation of runway 3 on schedule and according to the maintenance plan. Runways endure enormous loads, and their structures must be of the highest quality.

Regular repairs ensure safe and smooth air traffic,” stated Jani Elasmaa, Finavia’s Vice President responsible for Helsinki Airport’s apron and runway operations.

The renovation, which began on April 15, 2024, included not only the primary surface repairs of runway 3 but also necessary maintenance on the adjacent taxiways and upgrades to the lighting systems. Throughout this period, runway 3 was closed to landings, necessitating adjustments in aircraft take-off and landing patterns.

During the renovation, runways 1 (04R/22L) and 2 (15/33) remained operational. Aircraft primarily landed on runway 2 from the northwest and runway 1 from the northeast, with departures following similar altered paths as if they were departing from runway 3.

With the completion of the renovation, aircraft take-off and landing directions are now returning to their usual patterns. This timely finish is particularly crucial as Helsinki Airport gears up for the busy summer travel season.

“The regular repairs of runways are an essential part of the lifecycle management of Helsinki Airport’s infrastructure. With the renovation completed, runway 3 is ready to handle the increased traffic expected during the summer holidays," added Elasmaa.

Finavia’s commitment to maintaining high-quality infrastructure ensures that Helsinki Airport continues to provide safe, efficient, and reliable service to travelers, reflecting its status as a major aviation hub.