Photo: Anssi Vuohelainen


In Finland, S-Group, a leading grocery retailer, is set to expand its innovative robotic delivery service to more than 100 stores nationwide by the end of 2024. This expansion follows a successful pilot in the capital region and the positive reception of these autonomous, electric-powered robots developed by Starship Technologies.

Over the past year, these robots have become a familiar sight, delivering over 150,000 orders, predominantly to families with young children and single households.

The typical orders include everyday items like milk, bananas, and ground meat, with the highest demand seen on Saturdays and evenings.

Sandra Beaumont, Director of Business Development at Starship Technologies Europe, highlighted the success of the initiative, especially noting its resilience during Finland's harsh winter. "Our operation in Finland demonstrates that our business model not only scales well but also brings immense value to local communities. Reaching the 150,000 deliveries milestone in Finland is just the beginning," Beaumont stated.

Currently operational in 14 cities, including Helsinki, Espoo, and Tampere, the robots predominantly serve Alepa and Sale stores but are also available at some S-market locations. Customers can easily order through the S-Group's mobile app, which has seen a significant increase in downloads, estimated at 20,000 per month over the last year, thanks to the robotic delivery option.

The robotic delivery service has not only enhanced the convenience for customers by quickly replenishing essential groceries but has also added a touch of novelty. Tiina Meyer, a business developer at S-Group, reports overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. "Customers love the music the robots play upon delivery, their speed, and even their cute appearance," Meyer shared.

As S-Group plans further expansions through spring and summer, more customers across Finland will soon find these robotic couriers wheeling down their streets, transforming the conventional grocery delivery landscape with a sustainable and adorable twist.