The most well-known of the dinosaurs in Jurassic period, stegosaurus and allosaurus, can be soon seen in Korkeasaari Zoo


This June, visitors to Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki will have the unique opportunity to step back in time and come face-to-face with the rulers of the prehistoric world, as the zoo unveils its new animatronic dinosaur exhibition. Running from June 1st to October 20th, 2024, the exhibition features nearly thirty life-size dinosaurs, occupying their own designated Jurassic and Cretaceous areas within the zoo grounds.

Crafted by Dinosauriosmexico, the exhibit includes some of the most iconic dinosaurs known to science, such as the towering Tyrannosaurus rex, which measures nine meters from nose to tail, and the armored Stegosaurus. These robotic creatures are not only life-sized but also move and emit sounds, enhancing the realism of this prehistoric experience. The exhibit promises to be a draw for visitors of all ages, with entry included in the standard zoo ticket price.

Sanna Hellström, CEO of Korkeasaari Zoo, highlighted the educational aspect of the exhibit, stating, "At Korkeasaari Zoo, dinosaurs teach you how life on Earth adapts to change and which species of animals living today descend from these reptiles." Visitors can draw comparisons between the characteristics of modern animals and those that dominated the Earth millions of years ago.

The dinosaurs showcased in the exhibit represent a broad spectrum of this ancient group, from the massive, long-necked sauropods to smaller, agile predators and spike-tailed stegosaurs. This diversity underscores the adaptability and dominance of dinosaurs, who thrived on Earth for nearly 170 million years before their sudden extinction 66 million years ago due to a catastrophic asteroid impact.

The exhibit also serves a deeper purpose, acting as a poignant reminder of the ongoing extinction crisis driven by human activity. By drawing parallels between the past and present, Korkeasaari Zoo hopes to inspire visitors to make choices that support animal conservation. Today’s biodiversity is crucial for adapting to change and mitigating natural disasters, and modern zoos play a vital role in maintaining genetic diversity and supporting conservation efforts in the wild.

As one of the only two locations in Europe to host this large-scale dinosaur exhibition, Korkeasaari Zoo invites guests to explore this ancient world, offering a compelling blend of entertainment, education, and environmental awareness.