Man spraying mosquito repellent. LEHTIKUVA


With the remnants of snow still on the ground, Finnish Customs reminds citizens that mosquito and tick season is fast approaching, evidenced by the surge of intercepted illegal online orders. Annually, Finns are purchasing various repellents, poisons, and other aids from foreign websites to combat ticks and mosquitoes. Ordering online is straightforward, which may lead some to overlook the legality of these products.

Mosquito control devices, including mosquito mats, are classified as biocidal products. In Finland, only biocides approved by the Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) are legal for sale and use. A Tukes approval number on the packaging is the hallmark of a legitimate product. When ordering, it is crucial to ensure that the packaging also includes information about the product and its safe use in both Finnish and Swedish. Such comprehensive labeling is rare on mosquito repellents and poisons ordered from abroad.

Tick collars for pets are often categorized either as biocides or veterinary medicines, the latter of which cannot be ordered by mail into Finland.

These restrictions apply to online orders from EU countries, EEA countries, and non-EU countries alike.

"Our advice to Finns is simple: Know what you are ordering and what type of product it is. Do not order prohibited items. This applies not only to tick collars and mosquito repellents but to all products ordered online," advises Suvi Etelämäki, Senior Customs Inspector.

Finnish Customs enforces import restrictions and has the authority to request further clarification on shipments. Unauthorized products ordered from abroad will be confiscated. This vigilance ensures public safety and compliance with national regulations on biocidal and veterinary products.