A mother holding her baby at home in Turku. LEHTIKUVA


In 2023, Finnish parents favored the names Aino and Eino for their newborns, marking a shift in popular naming trends in Finland. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency reports that these names surpassed Olivia and Leo, the previous leaders in 2021 and 2022, as the most popular first names for Finnish-speaking children.

The list of top names for Finnish-speaking girls includes Aino, followed closely by Olivia, Aada, Lilja, and Sofia. For boys, Eino leads, with Oliver, Väinö, Elias, and Onni rounding out the top five.

Interestingly, Leo, a former favorite, dropped to the sixth position last year.

Swedish-speaking families in Finland showed a preference for the names Ellen and Liam, continuing the trend from 2022. Among children of other languages, Sofia and Adam held their ground as the most chosen names, followed by Emilia, Olivia, Mark, and Daniel for girls and boys, respectively.

The agency notes that about 90% of children’s names are now registered through an online form, a service that has been available since December 2022. This digital approach has streamlined the process, highlighting Finnish society’s robust digital capabilities and a preference for online services among parents.

Laura Mattila, a registrar at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, commented on the naming trends: “There has been little variation in the most popular names in recent years. Traditional first names continue to top the list, and there is a clear preference for names that are easily pronounceable internationally.”

The trend reflects a broader cultural appreciation for names that are not only domestically popular but also globally adaptable, suggesting a modern outlook among Finnish parents.

As Finland continues to embrace digital solutions, the process for registering a child’s name has become more efficient, though special or unusual names may still require additional time for approval. The statistics provide an insightful snapshot into the preferences that define Finnish cultural identity and social trends as of 2024.