HUS Meilahti campus area. Photo: Mikko Hinkkanen HUS


The Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS) experienced a significant increase in both patient and staff numbers in 2023, alongside improvements in customer and employee satisfaction. Despite these positive developments, the financial outcome for the year showed a deficit of 111 million euros.

In 2023, HUS provided specialized medical care and emergency services to nearly 700,000 patients, marking an increase of over three percent from the previous year.

Patient satisfaction reflected positively, with HUS's Net Promoter Score (NPS) recommendation index reaching 79.

The workforce at HUS also saw an upward trend, with nearly 27,500 individuals employed by the end of the year, particularly among nursing staff. This growth came with improved staff retention and availability, as well as a reduction in sickness absences.

A significant change in 2023 was the modification of HUS's funding model due to the social and health care reform. Funding is now directly received from the welfare areas and the City of Helsinki according to a financial framework, moving away from the previous performance-based billing system. This transition contributed to the hospital district ending the year with a deficit of over 111 million euros.

The HUS Annual Report for 2023 has been published on their website, providing a comprehensive overview of key figures and events from the year, accompanied by the financial statements and annual report.

This report underscores HUS's commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services amid financial challenges and system-wide reforms. The growth in patient numbers and satisfaction levels highlights HUS's pivotal role in the region's healthcare landscape, even as it navigates through financial difficulties and operational changes.