A woman at a Kela service point in Itäkeskus, Helsinki. LEHTIKUVA


Kela has initiated a customer survey targeting users of its English-language website, aiming to refine and enhance the services provided to its diverse clientele. Recognizing the importance of equity and accessibility, Kela is reaching out to English speakers to better understand their needs and improve their experience on the kela.fi platform.

The survey focuses on assessing the effectiveness of the website's navigation and the accessibility of its content, aiming to identify areas of excellence as well as opportunities for improvement.

Kela's commitment to serving its customers inclusively has driven this initiative, ensuring that services are equally accessible to all, regardless of their first language.

Maija Luotonen, Chief Editor at Kela.fi, highlighted the growing engagement with the English version of the site, which saw 1.3 million visits last year. "The content across the Finnish, Swedish, and English versions of our website is nearly identical, and we're eager to understand how well our English content fulfills the needs of our customers," Luotonen stated.

By soliciting feedback directly from users, Kela aims to tailor its online services more closely to the preferences and requirements of English-speaking customers, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring that all customers can navigate Kela's services with ease and confidence.