The six-month deadline given for the export of Russian cars in Finland ends on March 16, 2024. Photo: The Motor Insurers' Centre


In a move aligning with European Union Commission guidelines, Finland has imposed a ban on the import of passenger cars registered in Russia since September 16, 2023. The Finnish authorities have now set a deadline of March 16, 2024, for the export of such vehicles that were brought into the country before the ban took effect. This regulation, however, exempts cars owned by EU citizens residing permanently in Russia and diplomatic vehicles. Additionally, buses with a capacity of more than 10 passengers are still permitted entry into Finland.

Vehicles bearing Russian registration plates must be removed from Finland by the stipulated deadline. The Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre will not issue new insurance policies for these vehicles valid beyond March 16, 2024. Vehicle owners can still purchase border traffic insurance from the Centre's office in Ruoholahdesti until the deadline, provided they schedule an appointment in advance.

In the event of an accident involving an uninsured vehicle, the driver will not receive any compensation for personal damages. Nonetheless, the Motor Insurers' Centre will cover damages to other parties caused by uninsured Russian vehicles. This policy aims to mitigate potential risks and ensure public safety on Finnish roads amidst changing regulatory environments.