The mobile game "Digitally Secure Life" enables players to learn digital security skills in an easy and enjoyable manner. By: The Digital and Population Data Services Agency


The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has unveiled an exciting update to the "Digitally Secure Life" mobile game, introducing a new season packed with advanced digital security challenges. This innovative game, designed to teach digital security in an engaging and interactive way, now offers players, particularly those interested in information security, the chance to step into the shoes of an information security officer navigating the complex digital threats faced by the fictional municipality of Tyrskylä.

Amidst the growing importance of digital security in our increasingly connected society, this game serves as a critical tool for individuals to learn how to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats effectively. The latest content focuses on scenarios an organization's information security officer might encounter, offering practical experience in risk management, continuity planning, and incident response.

With themes catering to both novices and those more versed in digital security, the new season aims to broaden the player's understanding of cybersecurity measures. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency complements the gaming experience with "Digitally Secure Life" training courses, providing further resources to aid players in mastering the game's challenges. For beginners, the game's previous seasons offer a simpler introduction to digital security concepts.

The gamification approach of "Digitally Secure Life" has been recognized for its effectiveness in enhancing digital literacy. A report by Aalto University in February 2023 highlighted the game as a standout example for its educational approach to teaching cyber civic skills across the European Union. Senior Specialist Juha Kirves attributes the game's success to its realistic scenarios that mirror everyday digital threats, making the lessons both memorable and applicable.

Since its initial release, "Digitally Secure Life" has been downloaded over 60,000 times and has garnered positive feedback from its user community, whose suggestions have been instrumental in the game's development. Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, the game caters to a broad audience with versions in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

For those interested in bolstering their digital security skills through an innovative and interactive platform, more information on the "Digitally Secure Life" game and accompanying training courses can be found at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's website.