Play Station 5


In 2023, Finnish consumers' preferences leaned heavily towards electronics, with Sony PlayStation 5 leading the pack as the most popular product, according to data from price comparison service Hintaopas. However, the top ten list had an unexpected entry - Emerio's soft-serve ice cream maker, indicating a unique trend in household preferences.

Samsung retained its position as the year's most popular brand, closely followed by Apple, which moved ahead of Sony in the rankings.

The ongoing Christmas sales offer substantial discounts across various product categories, with the biggest price drops usually occurring around December 30th.

Other electronics in the top ten included the previous year's model of Apple AirPods, Microsoft's Xbox Series X console, and various models of Apple iPhones, including the 13, 14, and 11. Samsung also made a comeback in the list with one of its phone models. Despite the Nintendo Switch not making it to the top ten this year, its game "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" was rated as the year's most popular.

Interestingly, the Finns' love for ice cream, despite the short summers, has made Emerio's soft-serve ice cream maker a hit product. "Finns consume an average of 13 liters of ice cream per year, the highest in Europe. Products that bring convenience and a touch of luxury to everyday life, like air fryers, continue to retain their popularity," says Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, Hintaopas' Country Manager for Finland.

In the footwear category, Nike sneakers climbed to the top, while Converse seemed to fade into the background. The most popular men's aftershave was Giorgio Armani's Stronger with You, and for women's perfumes, Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium took the lead. Ariana Grande's Cloud, last year's favorite, dropped to eighth place.

As the Christmas sales are in full swing, consumers have a great opportunity to snag popular items and last-minute gifts at a fraction of their regular prices. With discounts averaging between 20% to 30% across various categories like hiking boots, sneakers, jackets, winter sports gear, and running shoes, savvy shoppers can make the most of the season's offers.

Top products by category in 2023 reflect a diverse range of interests and needs among Finnish consumers, from tech gadgets and sports watches to small kitchen appliances and fragrances. The data from Hintaopas not only indicates consumer preferences but also highlights the evolving trends in the Finnish market.