TheNew Year's celebration at Citizens' Square went off in a joyous manner. Photo: Samuli Pentti


Helsinki rang in the New Year with a grand celebration, attracting an unprecedented crowd of 75,000 people to Citizens' Square and Töölö Bay Park, making it the city's largest concert event of the year. The festivities were divided into two segments: a family-friendly 'Skidit-disco' in the early evening and a major concert later at night, which alone drew over 70,000 revelers.

Instead of traditional fireworks, the city dazzled attendees with a spectacular pyroshow.

The pyrotechnics, reaching over 70 meters in height, were visible throughout the event area, adding a unique and memorable twist to the celebration.

This year's star performer, Käärijä, captivated the audience as he shared the stroke of midnight with the jubilant crowd. His presence was a highlight of the event, embodying the spirit of communal joy and celebration.

In her speech, Helsinki's Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki emphasized the potential for building a caring, successful society in Finland. She encouraged the public to embrace challenges and to be part of solutions both locally and globally. Sinnemäki also highlighted the importance of acknowledging achievements and joys, stating, "Let's dare to tackle difficult questions and complex problems in the coming year. Let's be part of the solution, at home and in the world, and remember to embrace successes and joy when the opportunity arises."

Stuba Nikula, the CEO of Helsinki Event Foundation responsible for the city's major events, remarked on the unique happiness and excitement associated with the New Year's event. He referred to Käärijä's famous saying, "meet at the square," which fittingly materialized on the last day of the year, symbolizing the communal spirit of the occasion.

The evening's concert and the festive atmosphere were broadcast live on Yle TV1 and Yle Areena, bringing the celebration into the homes of those who could not attend in person. The broadcast is available for replay on Yle Areena, allowing everyone to experience the magic of Helsinki's New Year's celebration.