This holiday season, Finnish homes are once again being adorned with millions of traditional Christmas flowers cultivated across approximately 50 commercial greenhouses in the country. The top picks for the festive season remain the poinsettia, amaryllis, and hyacinth, reflecting Finland's strong Christmas traditions.

Minna Rantala, Communications Manager of the Finnish Horticultural Association, highlights the steady popularity of these classic Christmas plants.

While poinsettias, amaryllises, and hyacinths are the perennial favorites, other varieties are also available for those seeking something different.

The peak season for Christmas flower sales is now, with many consumers preferring to buy their flowers close to Christmas, even though they are available much earlier. Rantala recommends early purchases, particularly for hyacinths and amaryllises, to ensure full bloom by Christmas.

This year, Finland is set to cultivate about 1.5 million poinsettias, with the majority being the traditional red variant. However, the market for unique colors like light pink, cinnamon, peach, and even yellow is steadily growing. Rantala dispels the myth of poinsettias being toxic, clarifying that they are only mildly irritating if consumed.

Hyacinths, known for their delightful fragrance, will see approximately 2.5 million flowers enter the market. These flowers have been a part of Finnish Christmas traditions since the 1840s. With a range of colors including light pink, white, and blue, light pink hyacinths are the most cultivated, accounting for about 40% of production.

Amaryllises, another Christmas staple since the 1970s in Finland, will see around 900,000 flowers available for the holiday season. Predominantly cultivated in red, white variants are also popular, followed by light pink and other specialty colors. Rantala suggests using amaryllis as a striking table centerpiece if the stem becomes too tall.

These festive flowers not only add to the aesthetic appeal of Finnish homes during Christmas but also contribute significantly to the country's horticulture industry, showcasing a blend of tradition and innovation in festive decorations.