Research Table Being Manufactured at Lojer Oy's Factory in Sastamala. LEHTIKUVA


The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee under the Research Council of Finland has announced a significant investment in the nation's scientific capabilities. Over €29 million has been allocated to enhance and develop national and international research infrastructures. This funding, split among eleven projects, marks the first set of decisions from the FIRI 2023 call for research infrastructure applications.

Key areas of investment include the expansion of biobanking services, crucial for both research and innovation. The funding will also bolster platforms and create a national service network for life sciences and biomedicine technology. In addition, investments will be made in developing advanced microscopy methods and equipment for bioimaging, as well as tools for the social sciences and humanities to better utilize data and technology.

An exciting aspect of the funded projects is the integration of quantum computing with high-performance computing. This paves the way for groundbreaking research in both natural and synthetic inorganic materials. The funds will also address critical global challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change, air quality, and pollution. Furthermore, studies into molecules and materials will be supported, contributing to research on green transitions and lifelong health.

The funding extends to structural biology, with investments in equipment and methods set to advance this field significantly. Additionally, the exploration of new phenomena in particle physics is another beneficiary of this initiative.

The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee is poised for another round of funding decisions on January 31, 2024, furthering Finland's commitment to bolstering its research infrastructure. This initiative by the Research Council of Finland underscores the country's dedication to enhancing its research capabilities, positioning Finland at the forefront of scientific innovation and addressing global challenges.