Men are big consumers of pizza. They order 48 percent more customized pizza than women. Photo: Adobe Stock


Foodora, a food delivery service, has conducted a study to uncover the differences in food orders between men and women. The findings show that men are avid consumers of customized pizza, while women tend to savor a variety of dishes. The Great Finnish Food Barometer, a comprehensive survey conducted in the spring of 2023, revealed that when it comes to food preferences, women lean toward vegetarian options, pasta, salads, sushi, and Indian cuisine. In contrast, men favor burgers, grilled food, kebabs, and pizza.

Analyzing Foodora's order data further confirms that men order significantly more customized pizza and kebabs, with burgers being the second most ordered item among men. Notably, men order about 48% more customized pizza than women. Additionally, dishes containing red meat are particularly popular among men.

Foodora's most ordered dishes throughout the year include customized pizza, double and cheeseburgers, which are enjoyed by customers regardless of their gender. While men order double burgers only 3% more than women, women order nearly 16% more cheeseburgers than men.

There are clear differences in food preferences between men and women when examining their orders. Women tend to favor Indian cuisine and salads, although these choices rank lower among the top 20 favorite foods. Women also display more variety in their orders, resulting in smaller differences between various dishes compared to men. Chicken is preferred by women more than men.

The Great Finnish Food Barometer, which was unveiled in the spring, also explored several other food-related themes. One of them was consumers' favorite foods. For 40% of respondents, their absolute favorite food is Finnish homemade dishes. Homemade and soup dishes were particularly favored by those aged 55 to 74, while they were less popular among 18 to 24-year-olds, who showed the highest preference for sushi. Notably, TexMex and Mexican cuisine also ranked high among the favorite foods of Finns, following homemade dishes, pizza, and burgers.

Furthermore, the study found that 60% of respondents prefer to offer their mother-in-law Finnish homemade dishes, indicating a preference for inviting her to their homes. In contrast, when it comes to dates, people opt for international flavors. On romantic outings, 13% of respondents prefer Indian, Nepalese, or Chinese cuisine, while 12% choose Mediterranean or Finnish homemade dishes. Sushi is the choice of 11% of respondents on dates, and Mexican cuisine is favored by 10%.

The Food Barometer also asked about the foods people turn to when they are happy or heartbroken. When they're happy, most people indulge in Finnish homemade dishes, while pizza is the go-to comfort food for those nursing a broken heart. Women, in particular, turn to desserts and sweets for solace, while kebabs are a comforting choice for men.