Screenshot of the 'Alusta' platform home page.


The Finnish National Gallery has stepped into the future of digital content sharing and creation with the launch of Alusta, a pioneering platform that leverages blockchain technology. Alusta is designed to be a dynamic space where culture intersects with cutting-edge technology, fostering an inclusive community of creators, learners, and enthusiasts.

As part of the Next Generation EU initiative funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Alusta aims to explore the vast potential of blockchain technology.

This innovative platform offers artists and cultural organizations a new avenue for publishing, sharing, and collecting a variety of digital content, including images, videos, music, podcasts, and texts.

Kimmo Levä, the Director General of the Finnish National Gallery, emphasizes the importance of embracing technological advancements in the museum sector. "In our quest to enhance cultural heritage and artistic education, it's crucial for museums to evolve with technology. Alusta represents our commitment to finding new modes of interaction between museums, artists, and art enthusiasts," he says.

Alusta stands out by providing artists and creative professionals with robust tools to manage and publish their digital creations, thereby opening new possibilities for expression and ownership in the digital realm. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform requires a blockchain wallet for publishing and collecting content, but its offerings can be accessed freely through any internet browser at

The platform is a key component of the broader Digital National Gallery program, which seeks to digitize museum experiences and make national art collections more accessible. Johanna Eiramo, Director of the Digital Finnish National Gallery program, highlights Alusta’s international reach and its potential to inspire a diverse and innovative community. “We envision Alusta as a catalyst for new digital content production, encouraging other communities and companies to embark on fresh projects and collaborations,” she adds.

In addition to maintaining the platform, the Finnish National Gallery plans to actively engage the community with initiatives like a generative art competition set to launch in early 2024. Alusta is not just a technological leap for the Finnish National Gallery but a testament to the evolving relationship between cultural institutions and digital innovation.