Meilahti Campus Area. Photo: Mikko Hinkkanen, HUS


The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) is anticipating a significant financial shortfall in its 2023 budget, according to the latest forecast discussed by the HUS Executive Board. The predicted deficit amounts to €97.2 million, reflecting challenges in balancing the healthcare organization's budget.

This forecast, based on financial outcomes from January to September, shows a slight increase from an earlier projection made using data up to July, which anticipated a €95 million deficit.

The revision in the deficit estimate points to ongoing financial strains within the healthcare sector.

A primary factor contributing to this financial shortfall is the new salary agreement in the social and health care sector. The agreement has brought an additional cost of €47.4 million, which was not fully accounted for in the 2023 budget. Moreover, HUS is facing a €4.5 million loss due to outdated Covid-19 protective gear that needs to be written off.

In addition to addressing the budgetary concerns, the HUS Executive Board also received an update on an ongoing assessment of the HUS service network. This review, aimed at optimizing the healthcare services and infrastructure, is scheduled for a more detailed examination by the board in spring 2024.

The board approved other items on the agenda as planned, but the financial challenges highlighted in the meeting underscore the pressures faced by healthcare providers in managing costs while maintaining high-quality services. The HUS's financial situation reflects broader trends in healthcare funding and the need for sustainable solutions to address rising costs and evolving healthcare needs.