Snow fall in Helsinki centre on 25th of October 2023. LEHTIKUVA


The Helsinki region is bracing for a significant snowstorm, according to the latest weather forecasts. The Finnish Meteorological Institute has predicted heavy snowfall for the Uusimaa region, with up to ten centimeters of wet snow expected to accumulate between Wednesday and Thursday. This weather event poses a risk of slippery conditions, not just for vehicles but also for pedestrians.

Paavo Korpela, an on-duty meteorologist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, indicated that the snowstorm is expected to hit the Helsinki area on Wednesday evening, intensifying into the night towards Thursday. “Given the forecasted snowfall, we might need to issue a warning for pedestrians,” he stated, highlighting the potential hazards posed by the snow and fluctuating temperatures.

The storm, accompanied by strong winds blowing warm air from the sea, could reach speeds of up to 20 meters per second. "In the northern parts of Uusimaa, the precipitation will probably be in the form of snow, but in Helsinki, it might be more slushy, and there's a chance it could fall as rain," Korpela explained.

The fluctuation between freezing and thawing temperatures in the coming days will increase the risk of slippery conditions in the capital region. The Finnish Meteorological Institute has warned of potentially hazardous travel conditions in Uusimaa and several other regions of Finland, with the warning extending to Thursday.

Currently, the capital region is experiencing colder temperatures than usual due to northbound airflows. However, the forecast for the next few days suggests occasional warmer periods, with winds turning southerly and bringing warmer air from the sea to the coast.

The sea temperatures near Helsinki and Hanko are still around six and 7.3 degrees Celsius, respectively, providing some warmth when the airflow comes from the sea. Monday's temperatures in Helsinki are expected to be above freezing, but a drop in temperature is predicted for the evening, leading to a cold spell lasting until Wednesday evening. Thursday is expected to bring warmer temperatures.

Friday is forecasted to be cold again, indicating a period of slippery conditions. Starting Saturday, Helsinki is expected to enter a phase of several days with daytime temperatures around minus ten degrees Celsius. This weather pattern suggests a challenging week ahead for residents and commuters in the Helsinki region, with a mix of snow, slush, and ice likely affecting travel and daily activities.