Narcotics seized by Customs. Photo: Customs


In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, Finnish Customs officials have reported the confiscation of a massive haul of narcotics from a private residence in Vantaa. The seizure, one of the largest in recent years, included approximately 52,000 MDMA tablets, known commonly as ecstasy, and three kilograms of hashish, with a combined street market value exceeding one million euros.

The operation, which took place in June 2023, led to the startling discovery during a routine apartment search. Further investigations revealed that the initial shipment likely contained nearly 200,000 ecstasy tablets and approximately seven kilograms of hashish, pointing to a much larger operation than first suspected.

The scale of the seizure underscores a troubling presence of illegal narcotics within Finland, particularly within the Helsinki area. "The seized narcotics indicate a significant illegal market operation in Finland. The suspects are believed to be involved in importing, transporting, and distributing narcotics with a street value of over four million euros," stated Tuomas Korhonen, a senior customs officer and leader of the investigation.

In addition to MDMA and hashish, suspicions have arisen concerning the possession and planned distribution of tens of thousands of Ksalol tablets, an anti-anxiety medication. During the extensive preliminary investigation, authorities also unveiled an aggravated narcotics offense involving a 70-gram shipment of cocaine.

The volume of ecstasy seized marks a six-year high, with roughly 76,700 tablets confiscated by Customs in the first three quarters of 2023 alone. The total includes the 52,000 tablets from the Vantaa seizure, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The investigation, led by the Customs Investigation Unit in Tampere, has so far implicated three suspects in two separate aggravated narcotics offenses. The case, overseen by the Prosecution District of Southern Finland, is currently being processed by the Helsinki District Court, which is expected to issue a written decision at a later date. The substantial narcotics bust represents a major victory for Finnish authorities in their ongoing battle against the illegal drug trade.