The Finnish capital is buzzing with digital defense experts as Cyber Security Nordic, one of the most notable events in the cybersecurity landscape, commences today. This two-day event, held at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, marks its fifth anniversary and promises an insightful journey through the latest in cyber defense, showcasing top international professionals.

Max Schrems, a renowned lawyer and privacy activist, is one of the notable speakers. Schrems is well-known for his pivotal role in challenging major tech firms like Facebook (now Meta) on privacy issues, particularly concerning European laws.

Cyber Security Nordic has been crafted for a broad professional spectrum, from IT and ICT executives to policy makers. The event is a hub for cyber security experts, as well as managers from both the private and public sectors responsible for digital security strategies.

Jon Clay, Vice President of Trend Micro, is set to offer an in-depth view of recent malicious activities in his keynote speech, "Stepping Ahead of Risk: Risk Insights from the Broadest Attack Surface View." His session will delve into topics such as artificial intelligence, APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) campaigns, and the evolving threat of ransomware.

Endpoint security, a rapidly growing concern, will be the focus of Pelle Aardewerk of EMEA and HP Wolf Security. In his keynote "Click Happens" - How to mitigate emerging endpoint security risks," Aardewerk will address the increasing importance of Zero-Trust Endpoint Security, a strategy integrating people, policy, and technology.

Further adding to the event's stature, Truesec's Alexander Andersson and Fabio Viggiani will present "Learning from 10 000 hours of enterprise forensics." This session promises to guide attendees through the lifecycle of a cyberattack, emphasizing both strategic responses and advanced forensic techniques.

Apart from these high-profile speeches, the event will also host two crucial panel discussions. The first, on November 7, will focus on Europe's cybersecurity landscape with insights from Tarja Fernandez, Ambassador of Cyber Affairs at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, among others. The discussion aims to unravel strategies against growing cyber threats in Europe.

The second panel, set for November 8, will revolve around the implications of quantum computing on cybersecurity. Distinguished panelists, including Angela Robinson, a mathematician, and Juha Vartiainen of IQM Quantum Computers, will explore the challenges and opportunities that quantum computing brings to the realm of cybersecurity.

With such a diverse and expert-filled programme, Cyber Security Nordic is poised to shape the conversation on cybersecurity, offering vital insights into protecting digital infrastructures and information in an increasingly connected world.