Photo: HSL


Urban bike usage in Helsinki and Espoo has seen a notable increase compared to the previous year, as revealed by a recent survey conducted by HSL. The survey, aimed at collecting feedback on the past season's city bike services, received responses from over 4,500 registered users, painting a comprehensive picture of urban cycling trends.

The survey highlighted that users particularly appreciated the clarity and affordability of the user fees.

The process of registration and purchasing usage rights was considered straightforward, and the instructions for bike usage were clear and easily understandable. Impressively, this year's Net Promoter Score (NPS) remained steady at 48, indicating excellent user satisfaction. The overall rating for city bikes was a high 3.75 out of 5.

However, areas identified for improvement included bike return procedures and availability. These aspects received the weakest ratings, similar to the previous year's survey outcomes. Most respondents reported using the city bikes a few times a week throughout the season, with those utilizing the bikes several times a day expressing the highest satisfaction levels.

The bikes were primarily used for leisure and errand trips, with a significant increase in the use for commuting compared to last year. A majority of the users also combined city biking with public transportation for their journeys.

The total number of trips made in Helsinki and Espoo this year reached around 2.5 million, a slight increase from the previous year. The number of bikes available remained almost the same as last year, totaling nearly 4,600, spread across 457 stations (347 in Helsinki and 110 in Espoo).

First-time users cited curiosity, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and employer-provided benefits as the main reasons for trying city bikes. For regular users, the primary motivations were the benefits of physical exercise and using bikes as an alternative to public transport.

As the city bike season in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vanta comes to a close on October 31, the bikes will be collected for storage and maintenance, gearing up for the next season in spring 2024. Users with ongoing subscriptions will see them automatically renewed with no winter charges. Those wishing to cancel can do so anytime via the city bike website.