In anticipation of the bustling Christmas season, Posti has announced plans to hire more than 1,300 temporary employees across Finland. These "Christmas makers," as they are affectionately called, will be integral in managing the surge in e-commerce deliveries and ensuring the timely sorting and delivery of the nation's beloved Christmas cards.

Jenni Ailio, responsible for Posti's operational Christmas recruitment, emphasized the importance of these roles: “We at Posti deliver Christmas cheer everywhere in Finland and want to help ensure that our customers’ Christmas preparations go smoothly.

The work of our Christmas makers is extremely important to us.”

The seasonal positions, encompassing logistics, delivery, sorting, customer support, and running temporary pickup points, are particularly attractive to students looking for flexible working hours. Posti is offering shifts that fit a variety of schedules, including mornings, days, evenings, and weekends throughout November and December.

This seasonal hiring not only addresses the increased workload due to e-commerce growth but also sustains the tradition of sending Christmas cards – a practice still much revered in Finland.

For many young individuals, working with Posti during the festive season serves as their first employment experience. Furthermore, for a number of employees, returning to Posti for Christmas work has become a yearly tradition, highlighting the positive experiences and work environment provided by the company.

Recruitment efforts have already commenced, with additional job openings expected in October. Those interested in exploring the various job roles and locations can visit Posti’s dedicated seasonal employment website at https://careers.posti.com/en/christmasmakers. This initiative not only offers an opportunity for job seekers but also underscores Posti's commitment to ensuring a joyful and efficiently managed holiday season for everyone across Finland.