In a groundbreaking initiative, Finland is set to embark on its most extensive biodiversity project, Priodiversity LIFE, funded by a remarkable €50 million, with €30 million contributed by the EU LIFE programme. Spanning eight years, this collaborative effort aims to combat the pressing issue of biodiversity loss through innovative approaches, widespread collaboration, and the exploration of new funding methods.

The project, set to commence early next year, unites a diverse range of stakeholders, emphasizing the necessity of seamless cooperation in the fight against biodiversity loss. Minister of Climate and the Environment Kai Mykkänen stressed the importance of involving both public and private funding sources, signaling a new era in biodiversity preservation strategies.

Comprehensive Restoration and Nature Management

At the heart of Priodiversity LIFE lies a strategic focus on large-scale nature management and restoration initiatives. Targeting areas of significant biodiversity value, the project seeks to maximize impact and efficiency. Participation from landowners is voluntary, ensuring a cooperative and inclusive approach.

The project's initiatives are aligned with the Helmi Habitats Programme, a joint effort by the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. This program aims to revitalize degraded habitats, including waterfowl habitats, mires, forests, grasslands, and water bodies, ensuring a holistic approach to biodiversity preservation.

Creating Employment Opportunities and New Funding Models

Priodiversity LIFE not only focuses on biodiversity but also acts as an employment catalyst. By generating work for restoration and nature management experts, the project creates 461 person-years of employment in participating organizations. Additionally, it offers learning opportunities, fostering expertise and skill development within the workforce.

Furthermore, the project pioneers innovative funding models. Over the eight-year duration, Priodiversity LIFE will explore diverse funding sources, establishing a sustainable approach to financing biodiversity initiatives. The objective is to secure funding that will have a lasting impact on biodiversity preservation efforts even beyond the project's conclusion.

Promoting Dialogue and Sharing Expertise

Priodiversity LIFE aims to enhance the competence of professionals in the natural resource sector. Through educational programs and competence-sharing initiatives, the project will disseminate best practices widely. Regional biodiversity programs, developed in collaboration with key stakeholders across eight counties, will identify relevant biodiversity sites and create effective operational models.

Additionally, the Prime Minister’s Office will play a crucial role in fostering cooperation between ministries. Training decision-makers and integrating biodiversity concerns into policy-making processes are essential steps to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable approach to biodiversity preservation.

The Priodiversity LIFE project stands as a testament to Finland's commitment to environmental conservation, employing a holistic approach that engages communities, experts, and decision-makers. As biodiversity conservation becomes an urgent global priority, initiatives like Priodiversity LIFE serve as beacons of hope and inspiration, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovative solutions in the face of environmental challenges.