Travelers passing through Helsinki Airport on Thursday, October 5, should brace for potential delays as the Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL) plans a walkout from 1:30 to 2:00 pm. The demonstration, aimed at opposing what the union deems "unreasonable misery" imposed on the workforce by the government's policies, is expected to impact security checks for half an hour.

JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine explained that the walkout was a response to the government's plans to introduce employment reforms that could make it easier to terminate contracts and increase the prevalence of fixed-term employment relationships. Niemi-Laine condemned what she referred to as the "constant humiliation of employees" and criticized the government for not heeding the demands of the workforce.

"The Orpo Government is going to punish employees by making it easier to fire people and make use of fixed-term employment relationships. We do not accept the constant humiliation of employees," stated Niemi-Laine.

The walkout is part of a series of political demonstrations initiated by JHL in protest against the government's policies. The union has expressed willingness to negotiate openly on working life reforms. However, they claim that the government is imposing changes without consultation, compelling the unions to take stronger measures.

"The government is going to cement a system in Finland in which essential professionals like children’s nurses, registered nurses, and elderly care professionals will never be lifted out of the pay gap. This is unfair and makes no sense," Niemi-Laine remarked, emphasizing the impact on crucial sectors like social welfare and healthcare where labor shortages are already critical.

While the disruption may cause inconvenience to travelers, JHL assures that their actions are legal political demonstrations. The union has stated that if the government does not reconsider its policies, similar protests are likely to continue in the coming weeks. Travelers are advised to plan their journeys accordingly to accommodate potential delays during the specified timeframe.