In honor of Meatless October's tenth anniversary, three cow sculptures have appeared at Rautatientori, challenging the public to engage in a conversation about the environmental impact of dairy production. Flora Plant B+tter, a leading plant-based butter brand, aims to draw attention to the effects of dairy farming on our planet.

Meatless October has gained significant attention in recent years for shedding light on the environmental impact of the meat industry and prompting consumers to reconsider their dietary habits.

To mark the anniversary, Flora Plant B+tter now encourages people to continue the conversation around dairy production and to explore reducing their consumption of animal-derived products.

Flora Plant B+tter commissioned British recycling artist Ptolemy Elrington to design three cow sculptures aimed at sparking discussions about the environmental effects of dairy production on our planet. These sculptures portray issues that people might be more willing to compromise on than their dairy consumption: fast fashion, automobile usage, and water consumption. The sculptures are on display at Rautatientori from September 27th to September 30th.

"We placed these sculptures in one of Helsinki's busiest locations, where an estimated 250,000 people pass by daily. This way, we can reach as many individuals as possible and raise awareness about the environmental impacts of dairy production, encouraging people to reflect on their consumption choices. We want to offer people an easy alternative to reduce their carbon footprint. With Flora Plant B+tter, it's as simple as turning off a tap," said Sten Schwalbe, Floran Nordic Head of Marketing.

Every year, Earth's carrying capacity is exceeded earlier than before, with food being one of the major contributors to this burden. Taming the consumption of animal-derived products worldwide is a challenging but necessary step. As part of the solution, Flora has launched a new plant-based alternative to butter. Flora Plant B+tter has a 68% smaller climate impact compared to traditional butter. If an average four-person household switched from butter to Flora Plant B+tter for a year, it could save at least 158 kg of CO2 equivalent. This is equivalent to a 433-kilometer flight, or the distance between Helsinki and Stockholm.

"We have nothing against cows; we love them! But the harsh reality is that animal agriculture is harmful to our planet. We want to show that there are solutions to reducing your carbon footprint without compromising on taste. We know that taste is the primary reason people choose butter, and that's why Flora Plant B+tter combines great taste with a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional butter," Schwalbe continued.

Flora Plant B+tter's cow sculptures serve as a visual reminder of the importance of discussing the environmental impacts of dairy production and seeking sustainable alternatives in our daily lives. As climate change and environmental issues become increasingly urgent, small changes in consumer choices can collectively make a big difference in preserving our planet.