In a significant development, Finnish Customs has successfully seized the "Piilopuoti" web server in collaboration with foreign authorities and confiscated its contents. The web server had been in operation within the Tor network since 2022.

The Finnish-language website, specializing in the sale of narcotics, was first launched on May 18, 2022.

It functioned as a hidden service within the encrypted Tor network, providing anonymity to users. Regrettably, the site had been extensively employed for illegal activities, primarily the trafficking of narcotics. In most instances, the drugs offered on the platform had been smuggled into Finland from overseas sources.

Throughout the preliminary investigation, Finnish Customs has engaged in extensive cooperation with German and Lithuanian authorities, as well as international entities such as Europol and Eurojust. Cooperation has also extended to various law enforcement agencies within Finland.

The criminal investigation into this case remains ongoing. At this stage, Finnish Customs, along with their international partners, will refrain from disclosing any additional details regarding the operation.