Tram tracks are already being built on the Finkensilta bridge connecting Kalasatama and Korkeasaari. Image: HTJ Oy


The construction of three new bridges and the accompanying tramway connecting Hakaniemi to Laajasalo, along with extensive civil engineering, road construction, and municipal infrastructure work, has surpassed the halfway point. The project remains on schedule, with passenger tram service expected to commence in 2027.

Crown bridges expresses its gratitude to the city's residents for their patience during the construction, which has included noise, traffic adjustments, and other inconveniences.

Progress in the Hakaniemi and Kruununhaka Areas

The first completed segment of this demanding project was the new Näkinsilta bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, spanning Sörnäisten rantatie, with its inauguration taking place in June.

The noisy waterfront retaining wall construction, pile driving, and municipal infrastructure work in areas such as Pohjoisranta, the western part of Hakaniemenranta, Merihaankatu, and Miina Sillanpäänkatu are largely completed.

One of the most extensive and widespread municipal infrastructure projects, the replacement of the pressure sewage pipe coming from the city center, is in its final stages. This includes temporary arrangements and the construction of a new pumping station beneath Näkinsilta, along with associated installations.

Furthermore, the unique and highly challenging steel structure of the new Hakaniemi Bridge is already fully installed.

The most significant remaining tasks involve the completion of Hakaniemi Bridge, the demolition of the old Hakaniemi Bridge, the construction of Merihaan Bridge from Merihaa to Kalasataman Nihti, and the awaited legal water permit for the dredging and filling work in the vicinity of Merihaa, along with the renovation of Siltasaarenkatu between Hakaniemi Square and Pitkänsilta Bridge.

The project's complexity is due in part to its location, which includes sections on the old Merihaa fill and, most notably, within the midst of Sörnäisten rantatie, a road that has been traveled by approximately 40,000 vehicles per day throughout construction.

Maritime Work Around Korkeasaari

The central of the three new tramway bridges, Finkensilta, connecting Kalasataman Nihti and Korkeasaari, is near completion concerning bridge construction.

Upon completion, the longest bridge in Finland, Kruunuvuorensilta, spanning 1200 meters between Korkeasaari and Laajasalo, has already had over 400 meters of bridge deck cast. Additionally, the demanding foundation work for the bridge's central support, known as the pylon, is complete. The pylon will rise to the level of the bridge deck later this year and reach its final height of 135 meters in 2025, when steel cables supporting the bridge deck will be installed.

Finally, tramway tracks and electrical systems will be installed on the bridges, with extensive road and tramway construction work still underway around Korkeasaari.

Progress in Laajasalo

In Kruunuvuorenranta's Haakoninlahti, everything is ready, including tracks and shared utility poles. The poles will support both street lighting and tramway overhead lines. The largest municipal infrastructure works on Koirasaarentie, between Saaristolaivastonkatu and Reiherintie, are nearly complete. The municipal infrastructure on Isosaarentie is also nearing completion.

The most significant upcoming task is the reduction of the steep hill at the eastern end of Koirasaarentie to accommodate the tramway, which will require extensive rock excavation, lowering the street's current level by several meters.