Non-Toxic project has tackled the issue of creating safer gaming activities for everyone. The Beginner's Guide to Inclusive Gaming Activities can be downloaded free of charge in Finnish, Swedish and English, also as audiobooks.


A groundbreaking guide has been introduced to equip parents and professionals with essential tools for promoting equality and preventing discrimination, harassment, and hate speech within the realm of gaming. With the shared mission of fostering equal participation, this initiative aims to cultivate a more wholesome gaming culture and ensure safer online spaces for everyone. Furthermore, the tools and methodologies are designed to extend beyond gaming, applicable in education and social settings.

As gaming becomes an increasingly integral part of daily life for numerous individuals, particularly in Finland, its social nature is evident through interactions with friends and strangers in virtual environments. However, in-depth studies have revealed that the gaming culture faces challenges regarding equality, with issues such as stereotyping, hate speech, and harassment prevalent. Those unfamiliar with the gaming landscape might oversimplify their perspective, categorizing it as either "positive" or "negative" for young individuals. Nevertheless, the aforementioned problems are not confined to gaming alone; they echo broader societal concerns linked to equality and self-expression.

Addressing these challenges, the City of Helsinki Youth Services has spearheaded the Non-Toxic project, an endeavor aimed at creating safer gaming experiences and expanding equitable gaming education initiatives. Building on years of diligent work, the project unveiled "The Beginner's Guide to Inclusive Gaming Activities" on August 29, 2023. Tailored for adults working with young people and digital games, the guide offers a comprehensive resource. Available for free download in Finnish, Swedish, and English, including audiobook formats, the guide promotes accessible and inclusive gaming spaces.

Drawing from the project team's practical experiences and research insights, the guide offers a collection of proven tools and methodologies deployed by various gaming entities to facilitate more equitable gaming activities. Its core focus encompasses educational approaches, the foundational framework of gaming events, the establishment of safe spaces, and communication strategies. The toolkit includes an equality plan, ethical guidelines, a designated liaison officer for handling harassment incidents, and principles for creating secure environments. Additionally, the guide provides tips for effective communication and enhancing the accessibility of gaming.

Beyond merely enriching gaming environments with equality-oriented tools that resonate with young people's enjoyment, the ultimate objective is to preemptively counteract negative societal issues such as discrimination, harassment, and hate speech. Failing to actively address barriers to equal participation inadvertently perpetuates them within communities. By visibly integrating tools and operational models that champion equality, a positive impact on the well-being of young individuals is achieved.

The guide is a pivotal component of the "Non-Toxic – Non-Discriminatory Gaming Culture" project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Helsinki. The Finnish Electronic Sports Association SEUL ry serves as the main partner for this transformative undertaking.