A doctor performs an ultrasound examination using an ultrasound probe at the HUS Fetal Screening Unit in Helsinki on August 2, 2023. LEHTIKUVA


Significant changes are set to take effect in Finland's abortion legislation, known as the abortion law, starting from September 1st. Under the new law, obtaining an abortion will no longer require the previously mandatory two medical certificates. As a result, individuals seeking abortion will have one less doctor's appointment to attend. Furthermore, up until the 12th week of pregnancy, an abortion can be performed solely upon the pregnant individual's request. This amendment is grounded in the principle of expanding patient autonomy.

It's important to note that this legal change does not apply to pregnancies that have surpassed the 12-week mark.

Under the revised law, individuals desiring an abortion can directly contact the healthcare facility responsible for providing abortion services, even if the pregnancy duration exceeds 12 weeks. If uncertainty persists or additional reflection and support are needed, the patient can also reach out to their own local health center.

Patients in the Vantaa and Kerava regions are encouraged to contact their local contraceptive clinic.

This change in legislation primarily affects the process of accessing care. It does not impact the procedure of abortion itself.

After undergoing an abortion, individuals can seek post-procedure support and counseling from sources like hospital chaplains or open healthcare services.

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