Tuomo & Markus. Photo: Tero Ahonen


Finnish musical duo Tuomo & Markus are set to release their single and video "Hecho en Mexico" on Friday, August 25. The song combines beautiful vocal harmonies with a poignant mariachi trumpet theme, addressing pressing contemporary issues. The emotionally charged ballad features trumpet performance by Verneri Pohjola, a member of Tuomo & Markus, and also the trumpeter for whom renowned composer Kaija Saariaho composed her final work, the trumpet concerto "Hush."

The original version of "Hecho en Mexico" can be found on Tuomo & Markus' critically acclaimed album "Game Changing," released earlier this year (earning five stars from Helsingin Sanomat).

The narrative of "Hecho en Mexico" originally sparked from the experiences of immigrants crossing the border between the United States and Mexico, and their encounters with structural racism. Dreams born in Mexico often shatter at the US border, where the children of undocumented immigrants, for instance, are cruelly separated from their parents. The harsh treatment of immigrants is not unique to the US, as recent Mediterranean news reports and discussions about racism in Finland this summer have reminded us.

"Unfortunately, the daily lives of immigrants don't usually improve even with changes in leadership. We are rapidly heading back towards a world order dominated by both mental and physical walls," says the composer of the song, Markus Nordenstreng.

Tuomo Prättälä and Markus Nordenstreng's deeper connection to Mexico began before the pandemic, during a tour by Tuomo & Markus in Mexico City. They also became familiar with the American border region while recording their debut album "Dead Circles" near the Mexican border in Tucson, Arizona. In light of recent news in Finland, the song's deeper themes resonate significantly in the country as well.

"It's disheartening to realize that even in 2023, in Finland, human dignity is still determined by skin color, ethnic and cultural background, and that open racism extends to our highest decision-makers. Public discourse on this issue is extremely important, so that racism is scrutinized throughout society and is no longer swept under the rug," emphasizes Nordenstreng.

"Hecho en Mexico" was recorded by Tuomo & Markus in collaboration with New York-based guitar legend Marc Ribot, known not only as a trusted musician for Tom Waits but also for his political activism. Ribot's album "Songs Of Resistance," released five years ago, provided an insightful view of post-Donald Trump America, marked by stark divisions.

"Without that album, this song wouldn't exist either. That's why it was truly flattering to have Marc on board," explains Markus Nordenstreng, shedding light on the background of the new single.