Narcotics concealed inside a toy package. Photo: Finnish Customs


In a recent operation, Finnish Customs intercepted a significant amount of amphetamine concealed within two postal consignments. The investigation revealed a narcotics trade conducted through the Tor network, with authorities suspecting substantial financial gains from the illicit activity.

The case began when Customs seized approximately 0.5 kilograms of amphetamine concealed inside children's toys and other items in two postal consignments that arrived in Turku from the Netherlands in January 2023.

Two individuals are suspected of being involved in the operation, and one of them was apprehended by Customs, who also discovered a firearm in their possession.

The suspects had been ordering narcotics from the Netherlands and selling them within the Tor network for at least a year. The distribution of drugs primarily occurred in the Satakunta region, as well as in other parts of Finland. The transactions were conducted using virtual currencies, with Monero and Bitcoin being the most commonly used payment methods. Customs' web crime investigators thoroughly examined both domestic and foreign online platforms where drug sales were taking place.

Lead investigator Tatu Suvikas commented on the case, stating, "Sale, distribution, and ordering of narcotics from the Tor network to the drug market is an established and common practice. Contrary to common belief, the Tor network does not enable anonymous trade and payment traffic. A concerning fact is that, more and more often, we have to seize firearms from criminal suspects."

Although both suspects were initially held in pre-trial detention, they have since been released. The preliminary charges for the criminal acts include aggravated narcotics offenses, firearms offenses, doping offenses, and medicine offenses. The investigation is ongoing, and in August, the case will be transferred to the Prosecution District of Western Finland for further consideration of charges.

The operation conducted by Finnish Customs serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against drug trafficking and the efforts to dismantle illicit networks operating through the dark web. Authorities remain vigilant in their fight against narcotics-related crimes and the associated risks they pose to public safety.