Photo: Finnish Homeowners' Association


In recent months, sensational headlines have highlighted the dramatic legal battles and lifelong burdens faced by individuals involved in house purchases. This has sparked public debate about whether it is still safe to buy and sell residential properties in Finland.

Disputes in property transactions arise from disagreements between buyers and sellers regarding the condition of the house.

However, the risks associated with real estate transactions can be minimized by investing in a thorough property inspection and ensuring a well-drafted purchase agreement.

When selling a house, the seller must provide all essential information regarding its condition, while the buyer has an obligation to investigate and verify the property's condition. To avoid interpretational disputes, it is crucial to have a professional property inspector conduct a comprehensive inspection according to established guidelines. The purchase agreement, based on the inspection report, can then include detailed provisions on the responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller, going beyond the general provisions of the real estate code.

One significant stumbling block in successful house purchases is haste. Sufficient time should be allocated to assess the condition of the property, and the contents of the inspection report should be thoroughly examined. Investing a few thousand euros before completing the transaction is a small sum compared to the potentially tens of thousands of euros in legal fees that may arise from disputes.

The services of a competent property inspector and a legal professional with expertise in real estate transactions are essential for a satisfactory and dispute-free house purchase.

The Finnish Homeowners' Association (Omakotiliitto) expresses concern about the inconsistency in property inspection services.

"We need to explore the possibility of making professional qualifications mandatory for property inspectors instead of the current voluntary process. We already have information on the effectiveness of voluntary qualifications, and the educational requirements for property inspectors have been previously examined, so it would not require a significant effort. Both buyers and sellers should be able to trust the professionalism of property inspectors," says Marju Silander, Managing Director of the Finnish Homeowners' Association.

The Finnish Homeowners' Association will be present at the Housing Fair in Loviisa and will participate in the Energy and Living event at Loviisa Forum in the Laivasillan Pavilion in Loviisa Harbor on July 11th. The theme of the event is "When a Down Payment and a Handshake Are Not Enough - The ABC of Secure House Purchase."

Attendees are welcome to come and learn about the practical aspects of a secure house purchase, engage in discussions, and ask questions. The panelists will bring extensive and impressive experience in property inspections and resolving house purchase disputes.