A recent comparison conducted by Omakotiliitto, the Finnish Homeowners' Association, has revealed significant variations in pricing for district heating services. The study examined the basic fee and energy costs of district heating in 97 areas and 73 companies. The analysis focused on a small residential property with a water flow rate of 0.2 m3/h and a power capacity of 10 kW. The findings highlight disparities in pricing among different district heating providers.

The Omakotiliitto study indicates a range of pricing differences in the monthly fees associated with district heating. The fixed monthly fee based on power capacity (teho) varies from as low as €22.68 to as high as €117.60.

Of the companies included in the study, 59 have increased their fixed monthly fee based on power capacity, one has decreased it, and 37 have maintained the fee at the same level as the previous year. In terms of energy costs, 82 companies have raised prices, four have lowered them, and 11 have kept prices unchanged compared to the previous year.

The analysis was conducted by KTI Kiinteistötieto on behalf of Omakotiliitto.

The companies with the highest monthly fees for district heating are Nummelan Aluelämpö (€117.60/month), Nevel/Sysmä (€79.99/month), Helen (€79.42/month), Nevel/Lieksa (€73.16/month), and Loimua Oy/Hämeenlinna (€70.27/month).

On the other hand, the lowest monthly fees are offered by Keravan Energia Oy/Sipoo and Kerava (€22.68/MWh), Kuhmon EnergiaVesi Oy (€24.40/MWh), KSS Lämpö Oy (€24.73/MWh), and Liedon Lämpö Oy (€25.00/MWh).

The highest energy cost per megawatt-hour is €139.44 for Liperin Aluelämpö Oy, while the lowest is €57.82 for Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi, which has maintained its price unchanged from the previous year.

In recent years, there has been a trend of municipal authorities divesting their ownership stakes in district heating companies. This has resulted in changes in the ownership structure of many district heating providers. For example, Adven Oy, which manages district heating networks in various parts of Finland, including Parikkala, oversees 16 such networks (source: Energiateollisuus).

Marju Silander, the Executive Director of Omakotiliitto, emphasizes the significance of offering homeowners various heating options that enable them to manage their housing costs effectively. She highlights the importance of ensuring district heating remains an attractive and viable choice for small residential property owners in the future.

The study was conducted by KTI Kiinteistötieto Oy for Omakotiliitto. The prices presented reflect the spring 2023 rates, with any price changes occurring in early May incorporated into the data. Some companies may have seasonal pricing structures. The comparison focused on a small residential property with a water flow rate of 0.2 m3/h and a power capacity of 10 kW.