The construction industry is experiencing significant changes in job availability, with certain professionals in high demand while others face a decline in opportunities. Although the overall number of job postings has decreased due to the economic slowdown, long-term data indicates that the demand for construction workers remains high. This analysis is based on data from Duunitori, a leading job portal in Finland.

The construction industry, known for its sensitivity to economic fluctuations, has felt the impact of the stagnant economy. According to Duunitori's data, the number of job postings in the industry between January 1 and May 31, 2023, was 26% lower compared to the same period last year.

Lauri Iso-Markku, Commercial Director at Duunitori, notes, "While there has been a decrease in the number of job postings, there is still demand in the industry. Currently, the number of open positions in the construction sector is roughly on par with 2021 and significantly higher than in 2020."

The most notable changes in job availability are observed at the individual job category level, indicating the impact of economic trends on specific roles.

"Data shows fluctuations of over 80% in annual job postings for individual job titles, which is unusual for such a large industry. There has been a shift towards the need for renovation work and a corresponding decline in new construction," explains Iso-Markku.

For example, job postings for roles closely related to new building design, such as architects, structural engineers, and land use experts, have decreased by an average of 60% compared to the spring of last year.

Additionally, job postings for element workers, reinforcing workers, and concrete workers, who typically work on new construction sites, have declined by over 60%.

Conversely, job postings for installation professionals required in renovation projects have increased or decreased less than the industry's general trend. In some of these professional groups, job postings have seen an increase of over 20%.

Iso-Markku highlights one professional group in particular, stating, "There has been a sharp increase in demand for electrical professionals over the past year. Their skills are needed not only in the construction industry but also in industrial and technological sectors."

"At present, electricians, electrical automation technicians, and electrical designers are the most sought-after titles in the construction industry and across our platform," Iso-Markku adds.

Duunitori currently has 2,148 open positions for various types of installers, while electricians alone are being sought in 606 job postings.

Most Frequently Advertised Construction Jobs on Duunitori between January 1 and May 25, 2023:

  1. Electrician
  2. Carpenter
  3. Construction Assistant
  4. Industrial Electrician
  5. Excavator Operator

Construction Jobs with the Highest Increase in Postings between January 1 and May 25, 2023, compared to the same period last year:

  1. Heating Installer (+64%)
  2. Industrial Pipe Fitter (+33%)
  3. Bitumen Insulator (+22%)
  4. Electrical Automation Technician (+19%)
  5. Electrical Designer (+12%)

Construction Jobs with the Highest Decrease in Postings between January 1 and May 25, 2023:

  1. Element Worker (-80%)
  2. Reinforcing Worker (-75%)
  3. Architect (-65%)
  4. Mold Maker (-63%)
  5. Concrete Worker (-60%)

The construction industry is undergoing significant changes in job availability, with a decline in new construction-related roles and an increased demand for professionals in the renovation sector. Amidst this shift, electrical professionals are in high demand across the construction, industrial, and technological sectors. As the industry continues to adapt to economic fluctuations, it is crucial for job seekers and professionals to remain aware of emerging trends and evolving skill requirements.